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Dhruv Ghanekar: I make my living producing music for others

Having composed for a dozen Bollywood films and performed live at concerts across the globe from Norway to USA, Dhruv Ghanekar has worn many a musical hat with elan. With virtuoso arrangements, peaceful orchestration and an ability to bridge Jazz and contemporary Indian sounds, Dhruv is a guitarist, musician and songwriter.

The Mumbai-based artiste began studying Indian classical music from the age of nine. He went on to study under sarangi maestro Sultan Khan. His permanent love affair with the guitar began in school and in a few years, he founded the rock band Chakraview. The mid-90s 1996 saw the beginning of his working relationship with rock musician Ashutosh Phatak and they went on to become music-makers for ad films and alternative movies, with over 3,000 projects delivered to date.

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