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I used to lack stamina and patience: Dhruv Ghanekar

But now, they are Dhruv Ghanekar’s biggest assets. The music composer and producer, who is all set to release his second album Voyage, tells Deepali Dhingra how capturing an idea for him is akin to catching a butterfly as the more he chases it, it runs away

Dhruv Ghanekar’s first album Distance released in 2009. And now, the music composer, guitarist and singer is ready with his second album Voyage, which he plans to release soon. A seamless blend that brings together music from North and West Africa, jazz, pop, Assamese and Rajasthani folk and even classic rock, Ghanekar has got award-winning international artist Raul Midon, French/Cameroonian bassist Etienne M’Bappe, Algerian drummer Karim Ziad, Mauritian bassist Linley Marthe, percussionist Trilok Gurtu, Ila Arun, Kartik Das Baul from West Bengal and Vasudha Sharma to lend their musical prowess to this collaborative effort.

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