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In Conversation With Dhruv Ghanekar

In Conversation With Dhruv Ghanekar

RSJ Director and musician, Bann Chakraborty, recently took the opportunity to speak to guitarist Dhurv Ghanekar about his upcoming album, Voyage, and his experience as a musician in the Indian independent music scene. Check out the first of the three part conversation with Dhruv.

Bann Chakraborty: Tell us a little about the journey you’ve had so far, since you started with Chakravyuh. How have you seen the scene evolve since then? As a musician, are you positive about it, or are you not that sure?

Dhruv Ghanekar: I am positive. I don’t have anything negative to say. See, honestly the scene has just started now, like seven or eight years ago. A lot of people credit Blue Frog, NH7, and OML; all these things have been happening. Those kind of things, I think, happened around the same period. They’ve all taken off in varying degrees. So, all that has happened in these last few years has been a sort of renaissance. So honestly, it's very young, and nobody should pass judgement on it. That’s my opinion. Because it's just six or seven years old, you can’t judge anything in such a short period. It takes time, it's going to take ten to fifteen years. There’s going to be a generation that is going to come up that has been listening to all the stuff that’s happening now. I think we are also becoming a little more comfortable in our skin, so to speak. Whether it's writing your own music or composing, whatever, I think all those things will start happening after ten years or so because it takes as much time for things to settle down. My only concern is that there aren’t enough venues. Fortunately we have schools now, that’s happening. Festivals are there; I don’t want to get into whether they’re good or bad, but they’re happening. We don’t have enough venues in Bombay, we don’t have enough venues in any other city for that matter. For any scene to flourish there have to be a lot of venues, that is like a hundred per cent requirement. Without that it's not going to happen. I think, for it to accelerate and go into the next level, there will have to be a lot more venues.

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