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GQ Exclusive Preview: Dhruv Ghanekar's Voyage

To simply describe Dhruv Ghanekar as “one of the founders of blueFrog” hardly does him justice. To only refer to him as a music composer for films such as the indie-cool Bombay Boys or numerous award-winning jingles would also feel like short-sell. And to point out that, before all this, he was part of the band Chakraview, one of Mumbai’s earliest rock heroes, just might have the effect of slotting him as a one of the old guard.

But here’s the thing about Ghanekar — he’s stuck around long enough and wears multiple hats with seasoned ease. Which means that, fortunately or unfortunately, some of these endeavours grab more eyeballs than his ever-evolving relationship with the guitar.

On Voyage, his latest solo album and the second in his catalogue, he returns to the basics — and the beginning. Inspired by the sounds of North Africa, the compilation features a bunch of interesting, even unexpected collaborations with guest musicians from around the world. GQ chats with Ghanekar about music, life and his love for strings.

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